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2/20/06 09:45 am - dorsalstop - Eurovision warm-up: Belgium

Belgium chose their Eurovision 2006 entry last night. The 'Eurosong' national final was a complex affair, with - apart from viewers texting in their votes - loads of judges and juries contributing to the final result. These included radio listeners (not too different from TV viewers, it turned out), Johnny Logan, and Germans.

The final scores were pretty close, which made it into a big mockery, as eventual winner Kate Ryan was so much better than the other contestants it wasn't even funny.
So here's the Belgian ESC entry, Kate Ryan - Je t'Adore

(The MP3 is of questionable quality, probably a radio or TV 'rip', so this time it really is 'for evaluation purposes only', I guess)

2/13/06 07:50 pm - jeff_worrell - Fugu

I'm afraid I don't have an mp3 to share in this case, but I can provide links to where you can listen to a couple of songs.

On a recent day trip to Paris, I was delighted to discover that singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mehdi Zannad a.k.a. Fugu has a new CD out. So far, it's been released just in France - on Third Side Records - and Japan, but as with his first album, a wider roll-out can be expected, possibly in the Spring.

The new Fugu CD, entitled As Found, was recorded with the help of Tahiti 80's Xavier Boyer and Pedro Resende, who co-produced the album. Simon Johns from Stereolab and other Tahiti 80 people also play on the record. Zannad's songs are usually short but highly melodic and packed with archetypal pop references - especially to the Beatles (his voice is a dead ringer for George Harrison's I think). In the past he has favoured rather baroque arrangements, with plenty of keyboards, strings and woodwind. The new album is much simpler in style, with more guitar than usual. But the tunes are as beautiful and catchy as ever, and the lyrics heartfelt. If you like post-Beatles pop in the vein of 10cc and Andrew Gold, you'll love this.

Two songs from As Found can be heard via the Third Side Records web site.

Fugu's official website is: http://www.fugumusic.com/

Warning: you'll need a decent flash player to be able to navigate both these sites. And in both cases they are irritating 'drag the pointer around the screen image until you find the link you want' jobs. But don't let that put you off.

2/11/06 04:24 pm - poptasticuk - Robyn - Bum Like You

This is for the few of you who are a bit behind with the whole Robyn thing, but it's better late than never so now is a fine time to join in! And who better to introduce you to the delights of young Miss Carlsson than me, since I am apparently driving her bandwagon. It was very difficult to decide which Robyn song to post because all of hers are amazing but I personally love Bum Like You - the lyrics are so cute and the melody is great. Other songs you MUST hear from her latest album are Be Mine, Handle Me, Who's That Girl, Konnichiwa Bitches and Crash and Burn Girl, and if you want to go back before that I would strongly recommend Don't Stop The Music, Blow My Mind, Show Me Love and Do You Really Want Me.

Download Bum Like You

More info on Robyn

Buy 'Robyn'

2/1/06 06:36 pm - cfbgoespop - Victoria Silvstedt ft Turbo F - Rock Steady Love

OK, so serious musical europhiles probably know all about it, but it was exciting to recently uncover a fabulous vinyl artefact from 1999, the album of one time Playboy Playmate and Melrose Place cameo-er, Victoria Silverstedt. It's been getting a fair old spin round at Chez Guard, so I thought I'd share a tune with you. A lot of the songs are pure euro-dance, and as such, fitting for this group!

Billed on the album as Victoria Silvstedt, the album Girl On The Run featured the first single, "Hello Hey", the wonderful "Astro Girl" and this, the follow up, Rock Steady Love, featuring the immortal Turbo B from Snap! on rap tinged vocals (the man who sang of course "I'm as serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer!"). As far as I can tell, it did OK in europe, but if you haven't heard it, please enjoy!

Victoria Silvstedt ft Turbo B - Rock Steady Love


1/18/06 08:00 am - poptasticuk - September - Midnight Heartache

This is a track from September's second album In Orbit, which I received for Xmas, and it samples Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. This has of course already been done recently by Mylo, but this is in the Europoptastic ace style as opposed to the British style of medium aceness.

September, for those who don't know is a Swedish dance act fronted by a lovely blonde lady named Petra. In fact she's the front, back and sides of the act as the DJs who make the music (Petra is so cool she doesn't have time to write songs herself) never show themselves, so you could in fact say September is a 'she', not a 'they' as this is what most people would presume from seeing her live or on TV.

Click here to download

Click here to buy it

1/17/06 03:53 pm - adrianwillnot - Helena Papa Lazirou!



This is Helena Paparizou whom you'll all, no doubt, know won the Eurovision this year, singing for Greece. Before Eurovision, Helena was in Antique but went solo in 2003 and released her first solo album in 2004. The first incarnation of this was a Greek album, an international version came later and then came Eurovision. From the Greek album, here is Zise which has a bouncy Greek-meets-Latino sound and is very bouncy and pop and fun.

Helena Paparizou - Zise (Viva La Vida Loca)




1/16/06 05:32 pm - adrianwillnot


First time poster, long-time reader and follower etc.

I don't know much about this song I'm posting but what I do know is that it is amazing and camp and fabulous and plaintive. But mostly camp. It's Dutch. It's disco. It's Anita Meyer with Why Tell Me Why?

Anita Meyer - Why Tell Me Why


1/10/06 08:15 pm - jeff_worrell - France Gall

Hello. Great community, enjoying the posts so far. But high time for another oldie I think.

I don't know if this song is particularly obscure, and I'm sure all of you know of France Gall. But I suspect most know her for her 60s output, particularly those notorious songs written by Serge Gainsbourg, such as "Les sucettes". Either that or for her later MOR pop stuff (post-marriage to Michel Berger). But, always a good European, France got around a bit. Her first ever live gig was in Brussels, Belgium. She represented Luxembourg at Eurovision. And she had a whole separate career in Germany in the late 60s and early 70s, her popularity increasing there just as her career in France began to wane.

To aid her marketing in Germany, France adapted her look - ditching her brunette bangs for long, straight, bleached blonde hair and a heavily made-up face. This made her look rather stern and cold. I can only assume this is what German pop fans liked. For my part, there are very few photos of France from this time that I like, but this one isn't so bad:

As for the music, well some of it is in the oompah oompah "Puppet On A String" singalong style. But here's an MP3 of one song that's an absolute corker:

France Gall - Der Computer Nr.3

Brisk, driving drums propel a jaunty hymn to a computer, with at least two great hooks PLUS electronic sci-fi whooshing noises and echoey robotic narration to boot! Enjoy. And if you'd like to hear more of France singing in German, there's a CD compilation, France Gall En Allemand - Das Beste in Deutsch, which is easy to find on Amazon.

And finally, if anyone has access to mp3s of France Gall's super rare singles recorded in 1971-73, as referred to in this web article, then I'd love to hear from you in the comments box.

1/6/06 04:04 pm - halloaaryn - the ALL NEW - SPARK*POP

In order to take SPARK*POP to the next level, it needed some new blood... someone whos music tastes who were compatable with mine and yet still differs. Luckily for me I already knew someone that fit that description. Much begging and pleading later, he agreed to sign on the SPARK*POP team.

Thus the ALL NEW SPARK*POP was born. More music, more genres, more files, more everything.
Check it out.

12/30/05 06:50 pm - hanzan - Hello hey

In my ever-lasting quest to find more share communities, here I am. And with two songs to introduce myself.

From Sophie Rimheden, a girl that hopefully will be mentioned in the same breath as Bertine Zetlitz and Annie soon, here's her wonderful "chistmas" song. Don't worry, the Christmas connection is very thin.

And here is the reason why I am a shameless poplover. Even when I've had my periods of only listening to punk, industrial or metal, I've always have had a soft heart for Roxette. This is their latest single, Oppertunity Nox, that was put out to support a collection of their uptempo popsongs in 2003. There was however very little promotion for that album due to Marie having suffered a brain tumor, so it never made any waves outside of Scandinavia/Germany.


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